Upcoming Holiday Closing Dates

  • Monday, February 15th
  • Friday, March 25th



Reminder that if Centennial School District is closed or opening late, the BWSAC is CLOSED.  There may be times we close and they do not, so check the web site, Facebook or call the Center if you are not sure.


2015/2016 Capital Improvement Campaign

So much is happening at the BWSAC.  In 2015 we were able to raise the needed funds to upgrade and improve all 5 restrooms.  In order to keep the momentum, our next “BIG” change will be in our front lobby area.  All of our fundraising efforts this past fall and upcoming winter and spring will go towards a much needed facelift in the lobby.  We are excited to get a fresh look which will allow us to utilize the space more efficiently while still maintaining the necessary function.  We hope we can count on every single member to be part of these wonderful changes by donating to the efforts.  PLEASE participate in our fundraisers, donate on the web site, keep up with your membership payment, or mail a check to the Center or stop by the Center to make your donation.  Every dollar counts!  No amount is too small or to big!!!  Make checks payable to Ben Wilson Senior Activity Center (marked CIC).  Much thanks and appreciation for your support.